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Kill Any Psychological Barriers Instantly, You Name It!

How To Achieve Unshakable Success Through Mental Freedom Without Side-effects?

Dismiss Stress, ADHD, PTSD, Depression, Anxiety, Suicidal Attention, Physical Health Issue Caused By Mental Suffering That Can Affect The Quality of Business, Career and Personal Life

Hello. I’m Dr Angela Wilson and I am The Mind Samurai Trainer. For decades, I have helped clients leverage their life quality in business, career and personally. 

Did you know that we can free ourselves from ADHD, anxiety, depression, PTSD, OCD, chronic stress, and other psychological barriers that can affect the quality of wealth, success, business, career and personal life? 

It is possible to take ownership of our life and free ourselves from pain and achieve the potential to be innovative, creative and consistently perform on the highest possible level without side-effects.

I know it sounds crazy. We are so used to hearing about tragedies: celebrities, billionaires, multi- millionaires taking their own lives because they have been doing their best to survive but have failed. If, with all their resources, they cannot overcome their pain and suffering, how can the rest of us? 

These are high achievers who are smart enough to create wealth and maintain a high social status, yet they feel powerless when facing their internal pain. 

Some of them have actually killed themselves. Ironically, the skills they learned which enabled them to be so successful professionally, but the missing of two clarity failed them in their personal lives or taking their success in vain eventually. 
In fact, in some ways, those skills worked against them when lack of the two clarity. This leads to the failure that they could not face the reality of their situation. 

They could enjoy the affluence and social status they had achieved, but at the same time they lived with fear, worry, a sense of uncertainty, unpredictable chaos, and tragedy. It is so sad for me when I see this. 

We live in a world driven by economic growth, which relies heavily on the medical industry and a variety of modalities. From a business point of view, there is nothing wrong with that. And it fits perfectly the needs of the majority who look for external solutions although there are side-effects. 

Nothing special with alternative therapies to western medicine, each has its own weaknesses. We struggle and jump from one solution to another without finding a solution. 

Don’t get me wrong. I don’t mean it is not good to rely on and learn different modalities. As a matter of fact, it is very necessary to research, study, test and implement as many modalities, as many methods, as possible. Only through this process, can we understand the loopholes and traps involved with each and then find the one, or the combination, that works best for each of us. 

So What is the Ultimate breakthrough ONCE AND FOR ALL? 

That one solution must address our whole life journey. It has to be able to meet any situation, at any time, for anyone, regardless of their business goals; investment intentions; physical, emotional and mental health; intimacy; parenting issues; fear of death; you name it. It should fit any and every purpose, or need, that you have. 

Unfortunately, no modalities can fit every need. But what if there were a solution that already existed in the human mind, but we just don’t know it? We have yet to uncover it. We have yet to discover it. It is just sitting there, waiting for us. 

The good news is that everyone can achieve potential transcendence if they allow themselves shift the mindset as KungFu Master in the mind matrix and build up the psychological essence.
  •  It is unpredictable and we are reactive  in the situation that is out of our control
  • ​It is predictable and so we are proactive when we are weaponed with Mind Power beyond the limit of  modality and conditions

Proactive Vs Reactive 

Path To Liberty In The Mind Matrix 

Taking Control of The Game In The Mind As A Mind Samurai ONCE AND FOR ALL

Called "Mind Power Lady"
Mind samurai Trainer & Coach

Teach You How To Master The Mind Power And The Secret of Energy Flow Inside the Body, So you can eliminate The Trends and Suffering you don't want to. 
Learn How to Protect your body and mind not being hacked by... 
I'M LOOKING FOR Aspiring Achievers Who want to Kill Each Specific Symptoms Instantly As A KungFu Master Of The Mind ...
Work With Me To Make Quantum Leap On Mind Power
Solutions For Both Proactive and Reactive Issues
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Formula: 1 Position +2 Clarity + 3 Steps

-Mind Samurai |Kill Any Psychological Barrier Instantly As A KungFu Master Of The Mind

If I can make the impossible possible, you can! Here is the secret! 

You only need to two clarities and 3 steps to free yourself from the hell. 
It sounds easy, right? 

But, there is always a price on it, as I said, we only need to make an effort on positioning ourself fas KungFu Master In the Mind Matrix.

Let’s start with accurate thinking. Critical thinking is not good enough to get clarity. 

Clarity No.1: Do humans have the choice to free themselves from what I call “the mind prison?” Yes, or no? 

According to Sigmund Freud, born in 1856, the founder of a clinical method, psychoanalysis, and an Austrian neurologist, the UN-conscious mind, the deepest and largest portion of the mind, contains our darkest memories and is largely inaccessible. This indicates that humans can never be free from suffering and internal pain. 

To get rid of ADHD, depression, anxiety, PTSD, and the like, we have to assume we have a choice. Somewhere in our mind, there is a place that any suffering, darkness does not exist, but rather pure lights. 

Is this logical? Does it make sense? 

Clarity No. 2 Who are we? 

How many of you believe you are scientific, and you only trust science? 
Do you trust Albert Einstein? Do you agree that he has been one of the greatest scientists who influenced our lives? 

Albert Einstein said “Concerning matter, we have been all wrong. What we have called matter is energy, whose vibration has been so lowered as to be imperceptible to the senses.”
What does this mean. It means we are all energy in the form of human shape. Right? 
He also said, “Energy cannot be created or destroyed. It can only be changed from one form to another." 

This means we can be affected by each other without even being aware of it. We can also be affected by invisible energy, what most call “spiritual being.” 

We are the energy. We are living in the universe with other energy. We need to have the capability of identify and dominate own part of energy when all different energies mix together. 

In order to test modalities with energy, I have been gone through, among others: Qi Gong, I-Ching Readings, Soul Regression Therapy, Psychic readings, Past Life Regression Therapy, Transpersonal Art Therapy, Spiritual Knowledge & Philosophy, Parapsychology, Energy/Energetic Healing, Natural Spiritual Healing, Mindfulness Therapy, paranormal investigating and more. 

Many successful individuals are keen to seek enlightenment and get nowhere. The reason behind this is enlightenment is just a natural result of mental freedom at the highest level, and established energy paths cannot and will not be affected or invaded by others. 

If we cannot free ourselves from the pain and suffering that is triggered and caused by our environment, how can we possibly get purified energy in our physical bodies? 
We are living in this secular world and we want to enjoy life, right? 

Pure energy, or you can call it “enlightenment,” that detaches from the secular world is fragile and vulnerable, and it is NOT practical. 

The good news is that we can use the desire and aspiration in the real world to kill the depression, anxiety, PTSD, etc., that is triggered and caused by our environment just like Playing KungFu in the Mind. 

When it happens, we are building the energy paths to the REAL UNCONSCIOUS MIND, where the depression, anxiety, PTSD, etc. do not exist. 

I am not talking about chakras nor energy from external sources. I am talking about the one you were born with, that can tap into the REAL unconscious mind, but is depressed and mistreated. 

No wonder most of us are stuck in the mind matrix regardless of tremendous effort trying to have a breakthrough but still keep in the mind prison, like a white rat spinning around a circle. 

I have spent my whole life working on one thing, to get rid of the curse of the mind. I made it. 
Now I am going to share three secret steps with you that are going to revolutionise the way you deal with any mental struggle. 

What is the ultimate solution to Mental Freedom ONCE AND FOR ALL? 

It is to be a real warrior of your own mind with the spirit of a general. A sailor with the quality of captain, who masters both the strategy and tactics. A KungFu Master in The Mind. I branded this, the Mind Samurai. 

It is a soft skill in the mind matrix that can free us from the unwanted suffering and trigger the potential we all have. 

It is a skill beyond any modalities and purely relies on the body and mind. 

So here are three secret steps and tactics about mental freedom and how you can get rid of any problem in the mind matrix instantly. 

I know what you’re probably thinking: It is impossible.
But again, I’m going to show you a great way you can make the impossible possible and get amazing results, if you allow yourself to be a KungFu Master of your own mind. 

The first step is to identify the loopholes in conscious awareness and activate the energy behind it. The big idea here is how to identify them with accuracy. This is important because we may trigger the wrong energy flow and worsen the problem. 

The second step is to identify the loopholes in emotional awareness and activate the energy behind it. The main thing to understand here is how to identify them with accuracy. This means diagnosis of the loopholes in the emotional trigger is the key to prevention and to quickly reverse the process. 

The third step is to redirect energy flow and bridge up the new paths that can tap into the REAL UNCONSCIOUS MIND.
You must redirect the energy flow and build a strong path inside the body to the REAL UNCONSCIOUS mind where the surfing doesn’t exist.  
To See the detail, please watch the webinar at

This is key because all problems we have come from the fact that we are the prisoner of our own mind and anxiety, ADHD, depression, PTSD, bipolar, and all physical illnesses are caused by mental suffering and are just the projection of them. 

Now, I know what you’re thinking. How to start? 

Well the tricky thing is that the energy flow inside the body is very intricate. It takes delicate work to identify the loopholes and traps, which is very critical. 

Most of us are lucky and don’t need to get rid of the unbearable suffering since birth like I had gone through. I had no external support and I only had the “I” with me. So, I have developed this soft skill focusing on survival. I am a master of spotting the problems. 

The secret behind the success is positioning as a warrior of own mind, a KungFu Master In The Mind Matrix.

I’ve been implementing this Mind Samurai skill since I was six. You can use it to dismiss suffering in any aspects. 

To put that into context, you can identify the loopholes that can trigger the problem with conscious and emotional awareness, activate the energy flow and tap into the real UNCONSCIOUS MIND to free yourself from suffering. 

What this is going to do is weaponise yourself to dismiss any internal barrier as a king, big boss, general, samurai. 

And I am The Mind Samurai Trainer who has achieved the unshakable transcendence through unbearable suffering since birth, what I do is just to use my mind in a way as a mind samurai. 
Thank you for your kind attention. I hope you will reach out so that I can help you to achieve all the success that I have achieved personally and for my clients. 

Here's What Others Are Saying
" to compound the effects of that, multiplying it ten times, a hundred times. What her philosophy and practical application does for you as a human being will open you up to broader things that you never thought possible and give you a very solid grounding foundation that is unshakable. " 

""Angela, what you have to offer is so powerful and so unique, you only have your hands on what humanity is looking for but afraid most of us to find..."

 "I could just see how illuminated you were and you are so kind and smiling at everybody. And I was like, I wonder why she is like that. And when I saw you speak on stage and you were talking about the spirit and everything else and enlightenment,  you have an illumination that's just beyond anybody that I have met..."
Do you want me to help double your mind power in 30 days and finally get the results in business you deserve?
 Make The Impossible Possible!
You Do Not Know You Are A Sleeping Giant!
"Amazing lady, comes from the heart but from the complete body. What she talks about is how to enhance your energy, your desire, your passion and how to compound the effects of that, multiplying it ten times, a hundred times. What her philosophy and practical application does for you as a human being will open you up to broader things that you never thought possible and give you a very solid grounding foundation that is unshakable. "  

Dr Angela Wilson

Mind Power Lady

Mind Samurai Trainer

🔥"Angela takes one to places that others can’t. The journey is both fascinating and enlightening.
She has a gentle, caring manner. She has the skills to help you through the most complicated situations. I am happy to recommend her services to you, especially if you have been searching for answers for a long time"
 --- Shelley Kenny
🔥"Dr Angela Wilson’s ability to take you deep is unmatched by anyone in the helping profession that I have encountered. 
The results for me were fast. She goes straightly to the points. I have improved so much. I strongly recommend her to anyone."
---Darren Harris ( Business Owner )
Authority Of The Unconscious Mind
Emotional and Mental Suffering Do Not Exist at The Unconscious Mind! 
Physical Body Will Not Be Driven to health issue because of Negative Emotion

Surfing on the internet, you can see most experts mistake the Subconscious Mind as The Unconscious mind.

Transformation is built up on the conscious and subconscious mind and relies on modalities.

Once and only when we know how to tap into the unconscious mind, we will be able to align the three minds into one game and make The Impossible Possible. 

"we have a lady who’s a coach with really, you know, become authority in that unconscious mind aspect"

Unconscious Mind. Mind Blowing

So Powerful,Unconscious Mind, Unbelievable, 
You need follow her , Listen to her 

Unconscious Mind, Take Business And Life To the next level

Amazed, Fix Problems At Unconscious Mind and Subconscious mind , Make Business Grow Recommended

Unconscious Mind

Unconscious Mind Raise Us To Higher Level

She Is The First Person To Interrupt... Unconscious Mind

Inspired. She Challenge. Unconscious Mind Is The Future

I didn’t know the unconscious mind existed, very interesting. I didn’t know the possibility if people have.

Privilege ...Unconscious Mind

She taught me the power of unconscious mind .. I have never thought that it would help me so much in my business.

Unconscious Mind...Knowledgeable. Rock

Unconscious Not Subconscious Mind Is The Real Potential

1. Wealth & Success Protection
Intricate business partnerships And Projects interests | Hidden Mental Suffering

🔥" Dr Angela Wilson is the one any entrepreneurs and business owners could not afford to miss out if you desire a safe journey. "

  -- San Inyoman (Entrepreneur | Ten-million US Dollar Achiever)

 👉Are you frustrated when your power on wealth and success can not solve the problem? 
 👉Are You involved with Intricate business partnerships and projects?
 👉 Do you want to minimise the risk on air crash and weapon yourself with a full mental strategy and tactics?

👉Are you dreaming of a free freedom that can protect your wealth and success with ease?
 👉Do you want to know the secret mind power to protect your wealth beyond what lawyers can do for you?

A billionaire Talked About Wealth & Reincarnation

👉Mr. Hugh Hilton, a billionaire I interviewed shared his point of view on stage with "When we reincarnate, we can not carry our wealth"
👉I responded on stage: "What Hugh Hilton said is so true only if we don't know how to 
Dominate the reincarnation process..."

Risk Prevention Training Is Essential

Celebrity Can Adjust Libido For Safety 

If we don't know how the energy works inside the body, It can cost life, and enormous wealth we have been working hard for.
It can raise us up or take us down!

2. Skyrocket Your Success To The Unshakable Level
Intricate business partnerships And Projects interests | Hidden Mental Suffering

“Just had a very interesting session with Dr Angela on tapping my inner energy to power my personal and business life. I did not have any expectations as to what the session would contribute. However now I am empowered with the knowledge and skills she shared with me and feel confident that I can be the maker of my own destiny instead of living my life by chance. Highly recommend Dr Angela Wilson to anyone looking to guidance to change their life right now." 
--Claude Fullinfaw (Business Owner)

Advantage Of Intricate Interpersonal Network

Aspiring Politicians, Performers, Actors, Corporate Investors

If you are in a very intricate interpersonal network with multi-dimensional Levels, you have the advantage to skyrocket your learning and master the internal Kung Fu skill to empower your wealth and success, ect .

If you don't have this advantage at the moment, Dr can design a tailed strategy for you so you can speed up your skill.

3. FasTrack Your Success with Shortcut Proccess
Bypass Any Psychological Dilemma | Progress With Ease | Unfair Advantage Above Competitors

 👉Are you craving a shortcut in achieving your goals in business, career, success...?
 👉Are you hungry for a powerful mind when mentally raped because conscious strength fails you?

Amazing Coach, Talk to her personally

Help Better Performance

4. Leverage Success With Clarification On The Uncertainty & Fear
The Sense Of Security Can Free One From Fear in Any Shape of Form

👉Do you have a fear of any shape of forms, like loss of love, loss of assets, social status, power...?
  👉Do you have a fear of uncertainty, change, future, death?
  👉Do you have a fear of intricate business partnerships, networks? 

"Angela, what you have to offer is so powerful and so unique, you only have your hands on what humanity is looking for but afraid most of us to find. And the power behind what you understand and your gift is something that I have no doubt people will always more and more be finding your gifts and you. I was so thrilled with what you had to tell us today. Believe me 2,500 people were there, they didn't see anyone who could compare with what you had to offer. It was thrilling. It was real. It was powerful. And I know and so did they that you're speaking from a higher truth absolutely."

"Mind Samurai" Training can be  Therapeutic Coaching 
That Remove The blocks inside The different parts of body And Conscious and Subconscious Minds
so you can automatically Access The Unconscious Mind and Transcend

Persistence In Searching For Special Power With The problematic Package of A body and minds Can Worsen The Condition both physically, emotionally and mentally
Thorough and accurate removal of blocks Is the key to effortless wakening or real full potential

Be Very Careful with What You May Attract

Small Call to Action Headline

5. Empower Intimacy To Leverage Wealth And Success
Free From The Sense of Guilt | Free From Sexual Addiction | Healthy Intimacy

Tune out frustration you may be having into a successful business that we're all face. Especially when you're a businessman and you travel around the world and you're away from your partner and you want to stay loyal, you feel like you need to kind of, you know give in to that demon inside, let's say that frustration and energy that you got stored, one of you in a very positive direction that can help your family, your friends, obviously, your business grow and I'm very delightful I met this person...

I have seen so many successful individuals who are caught up with tragedy have something in common-they are not have loyalful relationships, but abuse sexual desire that trigger wrong energy inside the body. This is a uncertain bomb that can destroy a person when the condition is ready. So proper training on how to convert emotion of sex into power for health,ect is vital

👉Want to avoid the back luck on dating that can destroy your whole life?
 👉Want to avoid unsecured pregnancy, parenting mistakes, or dangerous child-parents relationships that can make your life miserable? 
 👉Want to get rid of the low performance and poor productivity but still faithful with your partner when you are on a business trip?

6. Empower World Champions, Speakers, Coaches, Healers, Mentors, Practitioners...
"We Rise By Lifting Others..."- Jason Theme - 

Paralympic Games World Records and gold medals and then a National Tennis Championship...

Uplift everything that I do and my business will soar 

 speaker and trainer healer and business consulting from Germany

NLP, Hypnotherapist...

🔥“If you want to make a difference in your life, then Angela Wilson is the person you need. She is very professional, approachable and interacts easily. She uses her skills to initiate the best for your health and well being. Angela employs holistic healing and has a peacefulness within herself. Her openness is refreshing. " ---Midge Dowd

🔥“She knows how to get inside your skins, helps you purify yourself and leaves you with a zest for life.” I am a colleague of Angie and can attest that she is totally focused on caring and healing. She has dedicated her life to helping others reach that inner space from which springs the vitality that enables peace and wellbeing. Those are fancy words for saying she knows how to get inside your skin, helps you purify yourself and leaves you with a zest for life. What else can you ask for? 
        --Eddie Dowd (Social Worker, Therapist, Counselor)

7. Health Domination

Tailored Coaching Is Available For Our Loyal Clients When Facing Life-threatening Situation
The Coaching is Conducted remotely During Medical Treatment So clients have double security and more options of result

Triggers To Tragedy In Health Is Part Of Human Experience, If We Fail To Transcend

The service Is Conducted Remotely Through Phone, Message, Online App.
Dr Angela Wilson's Body have been trained As A sensor reading and capturing multidimensional information.
So Dr Angela Wilson needs to keep a distance with client(s) when doing the work.
Give An Example, for clients in coma, Dr Angela Wilson conducts the work through talking to the client as long as the client has no hearing problem.

🔥“Angela, thank you for your time, wisdom and knowledge.” I carry a medically incurable family disease and had learned like kinesiology, many types of medication, hypnosis, NLP, etcetera in the past decades. As I Have never given up hope for a higher level therapy, I found you, Angela, thank you for your time, wisdom and knowledge. 
  ---Cynthia Watson (Health Practitioner)

🔥“I would definitely recommend her method of treatment.” Angela uses a very practical and effective approach to understand the root causes of any ailment. I appreciated her insight into my situation within one session. I would definitely recommend her method of treatment.
 --Aida Samoor (Project Manager)

“In contrast to the “band-aid”..Angela’s approach addresses the deeper, more core causes of health issues.” “In contrast to the “band-aid/ just take another pill” approach that is epidemic in our society today, Angela’s approach addresses deeper, more core causes of health issues, which is refreshing and genuinely helpful.” --Robert Grayson (Comedian)

“Dr A Wilson revealed to me wonderful insights on how to address all my life issues comprehensively and with determination and courage. She is an effective and inspirational coach, and I don’t hesitate in recommending her services to all people, be them in critical need or not. Cheers to Angela. Regards" ----Mozart Sovierzoski Ranna (Business Owner)

🎯If you want to stay powerful when facing the incurable, undiagnosed or other intractable health issues and want double security on positive result besides your medical treatment, you don't want to miss "Mind Samurai" training.

👉 🚫Are you tired of chasing endlessly for modalities? 
 👉🚫Are you sick of carrying the burden of depression, ADHD, anxiety, PTSD, OCD, bipolar, suicidal attention, self-sabotage, etc lifetime?

8. Help Women To be Powerful 
Most Women Depress Their Own Power And Not Live With Own Will

 She makes me feel energized. She makes me feel like a woman. She makes me feel bold. She has tapped into my inner queen. So I want to thank her so much for being such a powerful bold woman and to making me express my power and my boldness. 

 she was very great. She talked about woman's and she, right. She, 100% right because the woman's have to know how to be nice. And I think she can help women to be better. Thank you.

9. Practical Enlightenment Through The Secular Life
Real Power of Enlightenment Is The Internal Ability To Face The Challenge and Evoke Through Real Life 

The Reason I Can Reach This Level Is Because I started to remove The Block inside myself since Childhood.
The attitude of ignoring the pain and hypnotise yourself with positive thinking, nor detaching while live in the secure life can lead to failure in the journey of pursuing wealth and success. 
 Most professional Gurus, spiritual leaders and masters live a life with internal suffering while searching for external power to be rescued.
We do have the power inside our body. I hold the secret and I am here to share with those who commit to it

So when I saw you Angela, it was so wonderful. Since the time I noticed you at this conference, I could just see how illuminated you were and you are so kind and smiling at everybody. And I was like, I wonder why she is like that. And when I saw you speak on stage and you were talking about the spirit and everything else and enlightenment, I thought okay, now I get it. That's how I try to live my life. But you have an illumination that's just beyond anybody that I have met and I just wanted to tell you that because it's beautiful. Beautiful spirit.

“Dr Angela Wilson is very helpful to get your motivation back through by practicing internal peace and ultimate analysing inner weakness. Dr Angela points out problems and potential issues quickly and exactly. To whom wanna to know yourself better and wanna to change your current situation extremely, it is worthy to make appointment with Dr Angela to find out true yourself and secret of your life journey.” --xin pan (Business Owner)

Dr Angela Wilson was seriously engaged with the preparation process of official rital to be accepted as a nun many years ago. When finally disappointed with the fact that she would not be allowed to share your skills but follow the standard teaching structure of regions. 

 She mentored religious leaders and their disciples, coached spiritual masters and gurus.
She consulted members of the most powerful family in political history.

10. Enhance Parenting Skill For The Best Future Of Children
Build Up Happy Bond Between Generations With Ease

🔥“Helped heal problems with my son.” I would like to express my sincere thanks for your support for helping me get to understand my son’s behavior towards me. With your professional help, I learned to approach him in a different way. As a result, I changed positively and he too. " ---Marianna Peto (Business Owner)

"I just had a chat with my wife on video and she said, I don't know why the younger boy of seven was scared..."

Most parents invest a lot of effort in caring beloved children. 
Many successful individuals are triggered by mental breakdown without a sign,but the seeds are actually planted in childhood without awareness.
Only when we understand the real secret of human experience and have the internal skill ourselves, we can protect children from sudden mental crash before too late.

11. Activate The Power of Inspiration 
Motivation Doesn't Last As It Is Driven From External Force. 
We Can Achieve Self-inspiration Though The Within

The Energy of Effortless Inspiration Doesn't Rely On External World

The reason most of us Lack of inspiration is because we gave up the internal power without the awareness. 

A lot of loopholes may occur when using the mind in daily function in business, career and personal life. 

Three Minds and different parts of body are equally important to keep the system operate with high performance for the unshakable Success in life journey.

Evoking to The Unshakable Level Happens Naturally When All Loopholes Disappear

Amazing,What An Energy, book Her

Absolutely Amazing, Give her A Call

She Is Amazing, found out what...

a lot of strong powerful insight ... I felt very moved

I really Love Your Performance, awesome

Inspirational, Power talk, The Most Powerful...I have ever

She's phenomenal. She's great. fantastic

The Most Strong Personality I have Even met In my life

I was Privileged...Amazing 

It's amazing

I'm so inspired... so insightful. I hope...

Empower People...

I liked your speech because ....

You were awesome. Fantastic.  

Moved. Business Grow

I liked everything. I thought you were great.really good job.

She is Great

the most strong and powerful stage Performer...

She was so Inspirational

I was impressed 


Mind Samurai Training 可以协助您突破来自原文化的心理障碍,去除来自各种文化、思维的局限。做到在与不同文化、宗教、喜好等背景的人士交往中游刃有余。从而可以最大限度地带来成功的机会。


12. Final Sprint In Life Journey
Make The Full Circle On Earth Life

Grief Can Destroy A Successful Business 

Life is full of unexpected Chaos that can lead to mental crisis or hidden problems in business, personal life...

When we are trained as a "Mind Samurai", our mind are free from the consequence brought from death of anyone who we love, or we are loved to, who we know or whom know us. 
Most so called successful individuals are caught up by this kind of issue without conscious awareness due to lack of professional knowledge.

"Mind Samurai" Training Covers the whole life journey from birth to death.  
Weapon Yourself before too late is a true wisdom.

Dr Angela Wilson initiated her fearless adventure at age six, experimenting on herself and acting as an assistant to her doctoral parents around The powerful and the rich.

Early success gave her an Advantage, focusing on revolutionary discovery.

She has mentored religious leaders and their disciples, coached spiritual masters and gurus.

She consulted members of the most powerful family in political history.  

She was featured on Motivational speaker Australia, psychologist directory China and Global Media.

Her Brand was introduced to the Hollywood circle at Oscars weekends, 2018.

 She holds the privilege to invite achievers to private dinners with national politicians and decision-makers.

As a mind technician, global speaker, profit coach, wealth and success strategist, entrepreneur, and global peace promoter,

She has achieved an unshakable transcendence – the path of liberty in the mind matrix.

If you want to break the spell and remove curse in the mind,

If you want to stay powerful forever, be ready!
SO WHO IS Dr Angela Wilson?
And Why Am I The Right Person To Help You?
Benefiting from my unbearable childhood experience, and the tenancy to free myself from the “curse” set up by that environment, I had made tremendous effort working on my internal world since early age of six, albeit unconsciously, naturally. 
I learned from an early age how to distinguish between the conscious, subconscious and unconscious mind. 
When I look back to my twenties, I wonder how I survived while most others failed. This curiosity led me to research this topic. 

In the past decades, I have invested over $1 million US on different qualifications, modality by modality, trainings, courses, from psychology to parapsychology and paranormal science, from cooking to energy healing, from comedy to acting, from nutrition to social work, from business coaching, wealth coaching to life coaching. 

I wanted to find out what the common factor was that we humans have inside our bodies that triggers endless suffering and sticks us in, what I call, “the mind prison.” 

I even invested in the Krav Maga self-defense course, and learned horseback riding, to test and observe how the human energy flow works and is integrated with the environment. 

Years of investigation, worldwide, on the energy flow inside the body Brought my severe intention to end my career as a nun to I can help people with a mass . 
But then I decisively terminate the registration process with the next level of discovery on the mind power. 

Benefiting from daily practice since the early age of six, I have had the privilege of working with high achievers in business and have helped investors set up deals with those in power. 

To understand the internal energy flow of politicians, I have been actively involved with political events and trainings. 

As someone unwanted since birth, I lived in fear each day, worrying about losing my life either by being poisoned or being abandoned. I know the feeling of anxiety, depression, ADHD, bipolar, suicidal ideation, and more. I know how emotion can trigger symptoms like Lupus,cancer, Psoriasis, etc. 
I was able to dismiss all kinds of weird “symptoms” and escape from being caught up in them from an early age. 

I have helped clients leverage their business, career and personal lives! 

And Why Am I The Right Person To Help You?
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  • Helped thousands of people double their income: across multiple industries around the world
  • Author of 4 bestselling books: sold over 60,000 copies 
  • Speaks at world class events: awarded speaker of the year in 2017
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